This blog is dedicated to the dream my husband and I have towards building a place we can truly call home. Follow us as we make the switch from suburban life to something closer to nature and getting back to basics. This includes becoming debt free, clutter free, and nonsense free. Though homesteading and starting a business are fascinating to me, I am not looking to move off the grid or quit all my jobs and be my own boss. I just want to live simply within my means and enjoy the little things.

But like the most of us, we are busy! We both have full time careers in new fields, side jobs, a young toddler and making time for each other. So this isn’t just “How To” posts. Its the real us, trying out really new things for the first time ever, and seeing what happens realistically, even if it completely fails.

I love reading homesteading blogs but I thought it would be interesting to create a blog following the growth of a “modern homestead” or “mini homestead” from the very beginning when it’s just a thought. Most ones I’ve seen are from established homesteaders. My idea is to share our personal plan towards achieving this goal. I can’t make any promises that it will even work out how we expect, but that’s what keeps things interesting! We aren’t anywhere near to our goals. Currently we are very close to the city, paying off a lot of debt, and still a bit on the unorganized side. Thankfully my husband and I have always been less is more when it comes to “stuff”, but we still are tackling organization and keeping our household in check.

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your journey! I hope this blog inspires you to make the changes in your life that are right for you. To pursue what makes you feel at home.


    This was the view from our first place together. We rented a house on two acres of land that backed up to a creek and state park. We had a horrible landlord, the house was extremely small and needed extensive repairs. However, those were some of the happiest times of our lives. We lived with what he had to work with and made the best of it.  We were so close to nature with the creek, families of deer and the surrounding woods. It really made us crave the outdoors and want to enjoy it as much as we could. My biggest regret is we both were at work and college classes so often that we barely got to enjoy our time there. I was so excited to buy our first house, which don’t get me wrong I love, but we never knew how much we would miss our old place.  I have this photo hung up in my office at work to remind me to not work so hard for a living, that I forget to live.