A look a little closer at who I am…
     Currently I am a full-time insurance customer service representative, but my background is in graphic design. I pursued the insurance field because the work/life balance allows me to be able to have time for my family and time to follow my passion for designing and bettering our lives. I enjoy illustrating with pen and watercolor and I am big on camping, hiking, and taking in the outdoors. I love a good house project because the end result is so satisfying. I’m kind of list junkie. I am at the point if it is not written down, it will get forgotten. I am all about making life as simple as possible. I truly believe, the simpler the better. I strive to enjoy the small things in life, because sometimes the small things are all you have. Luckily I have a lot to enjoy (at least to my standards).
      I am thankful to have Andrew, my wonderfully supportive husband who is not only my sounding board, but my reality check when I really do come up with a hair-brained idea. He fabricates classic car parts for a living and is keen about teaching me about it any chance he can. His passion for what he does really inspired me to find what I love to do. Together we are raising our adventurous and strong-willed little girl, Briar. She’s pretty much a clone of my husband and keeps surprising us everyday.
     Together, we live on the East Coast in our colonial that was built in 1910. The last time it was renovated was the 70’s and that in itself is a whole other story. Every time I turn around something needs to be fixed. But at least we finally removed all the moss green shag carpeting.

My goal is to inspire those who are to simplify their lives for the better.

Thank you for stopping by!

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